Letter from the CEO and President

Hello Print Buyers:

We are an old firm in a new neighborhood, Coe Displays Inc. has been a full service screen printing plant for the last 55 years. We were located in the Flatiron District until 911 the world changed, now we are in LIC 43-01 22nd Street, up the block from Silver cup Studios. We pride ourselves in solving your printing needs on just about any substrate or size your jobs require from paper, foam core, board, and a list of plastics to numerous to list plus metal, 3 ring binders, pre made press kit folders and gloss or matte spot UV etc.
Our knowledge and inventory of paints from solvent base to flexible UV ink will be able to fill most of if not all your needs quickly and professionally. We are also involved in the arts. The list of artists works that our firm has produced as serigraphs is another source of pride for us. We have intentionally left off our customer base for the museums and galleries we have done work for. We would prefer to show you instead of just listing them all. Our company has maintained on policy for the last half century, that no matter how small or large your job is equally important.

Joel Sgroe, CEO
Massimo Russo, President